What do you need?

Analysis of market potential

Are products/services similar to yours sold in the market and how? Is the market mature or immature?

Market mapping

Product/service types; price points; customers, suppliers and distribution channels analysis

Product/Service market testing

Proof of concept in your local market may not guarantee success in the UK. How can you test the market before committing?

Potential customs barriers

What are the regulatory frameworks relevant to your products/services in a post-Brexit environment? Do you need local stockholding?

SWOT analysis

Objective, in-market appraisal: GO or NO GO decision

Competitive structures

Key players, gaps, opportunities. What service levels will you need?

Strategic consulting

Guidance for your export teams. A local pathfinder to save you time and money


Local support when needed; recruitment; establishment of local office; mentoring

Our style isn’t prescriptive – you decide. We’ve acted as short-term fixers as well as longer term members of the team. Each job is different and we’ll work with you to tailor a relationship that fits your needs.

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