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Randla Hunt establishes, populates and grows market entry and early stage companies in the UK construction and agricultural sectors, focusing on plant/capital equipment and building products

I’m Robert Hunt. For the last twenty years I’ve built brands and companies that are household names within the construction industry. During that time I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t.

Firstly, you’ve got to start with a great product. These days there’s no room for mediocrity. It’s also not good enough to just believe in what you’re selling, but you have to create passion in the process.

Within the last two years the landscape has changed dramatically because of Brexit. It’s fair to say that most Small and Medium sized European and International businesses without a UK office don’t understand what they need to do to gain a foothold in the UK market.

There’s lots more that you need to do to grow and prosper. If you would like to talk about how you can transform your business, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

I worked alongside Robert during a complex aquisition and post merger integration where we had to align our two businesses perfectly. At all times professional, his attention to detail and focus on client values was front and foremost.

Rod Clifton (MD)

Established in 2006, Randla Hunt has worked with many European multinationals to establish and grow UK bridgeheads. It’s not just about hiring a UK sales team and letting them get on with it – it’s about understanding barriers to entry, the cultural and political landscape and which strategies are going to be most effective. Each business is different and there isn’t a standard template.


Being a market leader or key player in your home market takes serious time and effort. Now try doing it in a foreign country, in a different language and with rules you don’t understand. You’re a stranger in a strange land – better to have someone local to guide you.

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